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As people who enjoy watching what we call "littles" feed and nest in our yard, we encourage others to join in on the fun.

It is such a pleasure to see the birds, and even the squirrels enjoying the food we provide for them.

Yes, you can feed both birds and squirrels. We have feeders that will deter the squirrels from stealing from the "littles". Some of the "littles" are not so little  like Blue Jays (they love the peanuts) and Woodpeckers (I'd rather have them eat the food we put out than make holes in our trees).  Some are very tiny, like the juncos. And yes, they all co-habitate and feed from the same feeders.

We currently have 5 bird feeders and 1 squirrel feeder in the yard and it is truly wonderful to watch them all.

We hope you will try this great way of enjoying nature in your own yard.

Go ahead, order a feeder and you'll have critters in your yard.

Now, if you don't want critters in your yard, check out our deterrents. They may help you get the critters out and keep them out.





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