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8 Dec 2012



Feeding wild birds in North America, Naturally



If you set a table for wild birds offering only one source of food you will likely limit the types of birds that will accept your invitation. If you diversify in your food selections your enjoyment of watching critters in your yard will likely increase greatly.


The best way to attract birds is through the plants in your garden. Native vegetation is always your best bet. You can plan (and plant) your garden according to the birds you’d like to attract. Of course, your area and climate need to be considered as well. And if you can’t plant a garden for some reason, birdfeeders are a fine way to entice our beautiful birds to your yard. If you need feeders see our varied assortment.


To attract different types of birds try these natural plants: woodpeckers, nuthatches and jays seem to like the nuts of the oak, hickory, buckeye, walnut and chestnut trees.


Many, many birds will prefer the seeds of the pine, spruce, fir, maple and alders. Birds such as finches, cardinals, bobwhites, jays, sparrows and juncos will also enjoy the seeds of coneflowers, asters, sunflowers and goldenrod.


The fruit eating birds such as thrushes, bluebirds, robins, roadrunners, mockingbirds, flickers, tanagers and wrens will munch out on plants such as: holly, elderberry, raspberry, dogwood, cherry and bayberry..


Finally, those intriguing little hummingbirds and those beautiful orioles will prefer the nectar from flowers such as native honeysuckle, columbine, azalea, lobelia and fuchsia. They also enjoy yucca. There are some great birds that may prefer items such as mealworms, plus…..those funny roadrunners will eat meat scraps.


If you choose to feed birds by feeding stations (commonly called birdfeeders) please remember that different species have different desires as to feeding “space”. Some prefer perching while others prefer eating off of the ground. If you’d like to add homes for the critters in your yard we have those as well. We also carry food and other accessories to enhance your experience.


Whether you provide sustenance for your birds with natural plants or birdfeeders, please remember that you MUST provide water for your wild birds. They must have it for drinking and bathing (they don’t mind using the same water for both). Besides, you may attract birds that just want to enjoy your water even if they don’t accept your invitation to dine. However and whatever you feed your birds, please ENJOY! It is not only beneficial to the birds (especially in winter) but watching them (and their antics) is a very relaxing passtime.




Source: http://web4.audubon.org/bird/at_home/HealthyYard_BirdHabitat.html






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