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11 Dec 2012




If you’d like the love of watching wild birds in your yard please remember three important things. Give them food and water (for drinking and bathing – they don’t mind using the same water for both). If you’d like, you could add some nesting opportunities as well. A variety of different birdfeeders (feeding stations) will help you vary the menu and enhance your viewing pleasure. For some great feeder ideas visit www.crittersinyouryard.com.


The key to attracting different types of birds is catering to the dining desires of the types of birds you’d like to watch. You may also need to change the menu as the seasons change. You may have different birds in summer than in winter. I live in a moderate climate and am fortunate to have most of my “littles” year-round.


Try to protect your feeders with trees and shrubs unless, of course, you find the neighbor’s cat (or yours) lurking about close to the feeders. And be sure to keep your feeders clean and filled with fresh food. If a feeder sits full for a while, empty it, clean it and put a different kind of food in it.


What to feed? That’s a great question and not an easy one to answer. You may have to try a few different things before you find the menu most attractive to the most birds. The more feeders you have and the larger the variety of food you offer, the more different types of birds you’re likely to attract. Remember that seeds are not the only thing birds like. Suet, mealworms and berries are popular items as well.


Test the “waters” ‘til you find what your birds like and then keep the food comin’ so you can enjoy a daily fly-in…..and always, ALWAYS keep your binoculars and a camera handy.


For what to feed your birds see the article “WHAT’S ON THE MENU? FOR WILD BIRDS”. And to check out cool feeders, houses, baths and accessories please visit www.crittersinyouryard.com. If you’d like to feed squirrels as well, be sure to get the squirrel proof feeders for your flyin’ kids.


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