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November 21, 2013 @ 11:24 PM


Howdy, Wings here – Gotta head back inland. A little too cool for this “little” along the coast. Stopping at the hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA. I have a few woodpecker friends here and they’re braggin’ about their feeder from www.crittersinyouryard.com. And I just saw a water wiggler in a bird bath. That attracts birds and helps keep the water clean.

This is where the San Jose Sharks live and Ice Shows come here. There's lots of wonderful theater in San Jose and they even have an amazing International Airport.

My “little” friends here love their “peeps”. What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and ...

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November 18, 2013 @ 11:10 PM


Howdy, Wings here – Whew!, I’m tired. Not so far from Half Moon Bay to Pacifica but it was windy and that makes this “little” work really hard. Stopped to watch surfers along the way. I was very thirsty when I got here. Some “little” friends met me and showed me a copper plated standing bird bath from www.crittersinyouryard.com.

What happens in Pacifica? Surfing, surfing, surfing and mountain biking, fishing and hiking. A great place to be outdoors.

My “littles” “peeps” get bird bath protector from crittersinyouryard.com. It helps against mineral deposits and helps keep the water clean and clear naturally.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See&...

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November 15, 2013 @ 1:55 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Wow, what a great time I had in Santa Cruz. Now I’m up the Coast in Half Moon Bay. I just spied an open diner window bird feeder from www.crittersinyouryard.com and, in the same yard a 12” heavy duty water feeder, also from crittersinyouryard.com. Both very nice.

I’m sorry I missed this year’s pumpkin festival. They have a huge pumpkin contest and this year’s winning pumpkin weighed 1,985 pounds. YIKES!! Half Moon Bay has a beautiful coastline, Pigeon Point Lighthouse nearby and an historic downtown, not to mention the very friendly and “little” loving “peeps”.

 What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - ...

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November 12, 2013 @ 10:45 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Well, I’m headin’ across Monterey Bay today (actually going around the Bay. I think across might be too much for this little “little”) to Santa Cruz. I’ve heard there’s a little looker bird feeder over there as well as a bird bath/waterer combo down by the beach. Both came from www.crittersinyouryard.com. (birds don’t mind using the same water for drinking and bathing – we’re great at conserving water).

Santa Cruz is a fun community. Great surfing, UC Santa Cruz and the fantastic Beach/Boardwalk. There’s also a beautiful and fragrant redwood forest. Very cool place with very cool “peeps”.

 What would we do without our “...

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October 29, 2013 @ 2:37 AM


Howdy, Wings here – I’m so happy to be home here in Pacific Grove, Ca. I just saw some of my “tweets” enjoying a bath in a heated bird bath from www.crittersinyouryard.com. I get to eat from a lighthouse lantern feeder (also from crittersinyouryard.com) which is appropriate because the oldest continually operating lighthouse on the West Coast is here in my hometown.

Pacific Grove also has a very fine Museum of Natural History, a first class library and one of the finest school districts in the State.

I am so blessed to have the very best “peeps” in the world. What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and tell folks about your ...

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October 25, 2013 @ 3:34 AM


Howdy, Wings here – I’m still here at home in Pacific Grove, CA. I’m checkin’ out all of the cool things here from www.critttersinyouryard.com. I’ve already seen a droplet waterer and a bouncer squirrel-proof bird feeder (in case you don’t want to feed the squirrels).

Pacific Grove was founded by Methodists in 1875 and became the center for educational programs through the Chautauqua Movement. It is still a small coastal community with lots of historic Victorian homes.

The “peeps” here always remember to make sure there’s water available for us birds that they feed. That’s a good thing.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - ...

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October 22, 2013 @ 10:38 AM


Howdy, Wings here – YIPPEE! I’m finally back home for a few days…here in Pacific Grove, Ca. I know there are lots of great things here from www.crittersinyouryard.com. I’ve already seen a ladybug house and a water fountain butterfly beauty (with Monarch Butterflies on it).

That fountain fits right in here in Pacific Grove because this beautiful coastal town is known as “Butterfly Town, USA” because of the annual migration of Monarch Butterflies to the trees in Pacific Grove. The “peeps” here are very protective of “their” butterflies and folks could receive a $1,000.00 fine for disturbing the Monarchs.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ...

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October 11, 2013 @ 6:07 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Still in Monterey, CA. It’s a great place. Had a bath this morning in a 17” hanging birdbath from www.critttersinyouryard.com. And saw my first nesting material wreath (also from www.crittersinyouryard.com). It has all kinds of neat stuff for us to put in our bird houses to make them a real home.

Hitched a ride out to sea today on a very big fishing boat. Monterey Bay is full of great “catches” and the “peeps” here can go to the end of the “commercial” wharf and get REALLY fresh fish every day. These fishermen are great “peeps”.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and tell ...

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October 8, 2013 @ 2:40 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Still in Monterey, CA. My “tweets” invited me to eat at their Raspberry Pioneer Bird Feeder (on sale right now) that their “peeps” got at www.crittersinyouryard.com. Great food and great fun. Next door there was a screech owl house also from www.crittersinyouryard.com.

One of the industries in Monterey is fishing. Monterey Bay is dotted with fishing boats. It’s a great place to hop on a boat and go out and see whales. Also, Monterey is a large part of Monterey County’s tourism industry. It’s a beautiful place to visit. There are also great “peeps” in Monterey.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings


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October 4, 2013 @ 12:47 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Today’s the day I get closer to home. I’ll be in Monterey, CA. I heard there’s a home with a red glass mosaic hummingbird feeder from www.crittersinyouryard.com. AND, if you want to feed the squirrels, there’s also a chuck-a-nut feeder for them, also from www.crittersinyouryard.com.

There’s a lot of California History in Monterey so I’ll have to spend a few days there. Monterey is where the constitution of the state was drafted and debated and signed. There are many, many historic buildings in Monterey as well as some wonderful “peeps”.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and tell ...

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