October 4, 2013 @ 1:47 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Today’s the day I get closer to home. I’ll be in Monterey, CA. I heard there’s a home with a red glass mosaic hummingbird feeder from www.crittersinyouryard.com. AND, if you want to feed the squirrels, there’s also a chuck-a-nut feeder for them, also from www.crittersinyouryard.com.

There’s a lot of California History in Monterey so I’ll have to spend a few days there. Monterey is where the constitution of the state was drafted and debated and signed. There are many, many historic buildings in Monterey as well as some wonderful “peeps”.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and tell folks about your town or event? Just send me the info and give me a few days to get there.