October 11, 2013 @ 7:07 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Still in Monterey, CA. It’s a great place. Had a bath this morning in a 17” hanging birdbath from www.critttersinyouryard.com. And saw my first nesting material wreath (also from www.crittersinyouryard.com). It has all kinds of neat stuff for us to put in our bird houses to make them a real home.

Hitched a ride out to sea today on a very big fishing boat. Monterey Bay is full of great “catches” and the “peeps” here can go to the end of the “commercial” wharf and get REALLY fresh fish every day. These fishermen are great “peeps”.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

Want me to fly over and tell folks about your town or event? Just send me the info and give me a few days to get there.