October 8, 2013 @ 3:40 AM


Howdy, Wings here – Still in Monterey, CA. My “tweets” invited me to eat at their Raspberry Pioneer Bird Feeder (on sale right now) that their “peeps” got at www.crittersinyouryard.com. Great food and great fun. Next door there was a screech owl house also from www.crittersinyouryard.com.

One of the industries in Monterey is fishing. Monterey Bay is dotted with fishing boats. It’s a great place to hop on a boat and go out and see whales. Also, Monterey is a large part of Monterey County’s tourism industry. It’s a beautiful place to visit. There are also great “peeps” in Monterey.

What would we do without our “peeps”? “See” ya next time - Wings

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